Choosing Second Chances

Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I embarked on a camping adventure with our 14-year old grandson.  Well, it wasn't really camping like sleeping in a tent.   It was cabin camping at a very nicely manicured campground with lots of "free" activities such as paddle boats, peddle carts, miniature golf, and fishing.  The pool, however, was our favorite,...[ read more ]

Grumbling Gremlins

Got any gremlins?  Ah...?  Well, I don't know!  What are gremlins, anyway? In the 1984 (long time ago!) the comedy horror movie, Gremlins, cast these critters as the furry, ugly (but sort of cute) variety.  Along with being squirmy, unpredictable, and feisty they reek havoc in people's lives via gruesome, dangerous escapades.  In other words, they end up as nasty,...[ read more ]

Rainy Restlessness

"Rain, rain, go away; come again another day."* Is it raining where you are?  Here in central Ohio, it's been "raining cats and dogs" almost steadily for a couple of days.  Flooding makes for dicey driving on some roads.  BTW, ever wonder about "raining cats and dogs"?  The Library of Congress website suggests an English gentleman, George Cruikshank, coined the...[ read more ]

Anxious? Play a game!

What?  Really?  I know, it sounds counter intuitive but it works.  For example, a few nights ago I needed to calm my over crowded brain before going to bed.  Candy Crush Saga to the rescue!  Two other evenings this week, hubby and I got out a board game - Scrabble of all things! So what is it about gaming that...[ read more ]

Puzzling Pieces

I’m the champion! At least I was way back in the day. The days when I was about 8 or 10 years old. During those subzero, snowy, southern Manitoba (Where's that?)winter evenings. Jigsaw puzzles and crokinole (What's that?)proved reliable family past times. With a greater rate of success with jigsaws, I left the index finger snapping game to older brothers....[ read more ]

Freakin’ about finishing the semester online?

What an absolute bummer! Packing up, moving out! Sayin' bye till who knows when! Every crazy course online! It's freakin' me out bro. Graduate in style, NOT! Settled into this new normal yet? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well, whatever... It's time to lace up and do what you need to do. Get due dates down. Read text pages. Write the...[ read more ]

10,000 Steps

"I want you to walk 10,000 steps at least 4 days a week!  Get those heels pounding the pavement!"  So said my doctor. "Yes, ma'am!" I gulped, taking a deep breath. "10,000? Really?" Being borderline osteoporosis is nothing to fool with, I guess. Who wants to assume a ninety-degree angle looking at the floor for the rest of your life? ...[ read more ]

What’s Up?!

What's up?! Chico is peeking around the corner to see what his future holds. Is she staying home or going somewhere? Putting on shoes? Yep, that means I'll be without her for a while. Just opening the fridge door? OK good, she's staying home. Nothing to worry about. In either case, maybe I'll take a nap. Almost 16-year old Chico...[ read more ]

Control Freak

Oh yah, that's me! Ahead of the pack. Grippin' the leash. Steady trot. Knowin' where I'm goin'. Seriously, our golden retriever, Benji, pulled me along just like that. Back in the day he was in control of walks - and a bit more - like the end of our queen-sized bed. Just holler the word "walk" up the stairs and...[ read more ]